"Marinized" 1.4T Hydraulic Disc Brake Single Axle Trailer Kit

(customer assembles / packs bearings / welds flanges / runs brake lines)

Kit Contains

1 ea - 1.4T 45mm Square Axle
(customer to specify length)
2 ea - Galvanized 9 Leaf 45mm wide
Eye / Slipper Springs
1 ea - Single Axle E/S Spring Fitting Kit
suit 45mm Sq Axle with Galvanized U-Bolts,
Fish Plates, Axle Pads, Stainless Steel Spring Mount Bolts & Nyloc Nuts
2 ea - Galvanized 1/2" Hubdiscs Complete
SL Bearings and Marine Seals
(customer to specify pattern)
1 pr - Chrome Bearing Buddies & Dust Covers
1 pr - Marinized Hydraulic Disc Brake Assemblies
(AL-KO Dacromet)
2 ea - Disc Brake Flanges suit 45mm sq Axles
1 ea - 2.0T Hydraulic Override Coupling
Zinc with 3/4" Master Cylinder
1 ea - Hydraulic Disc Brake Fitting Kit with stainless steel braided lines
1 ea - Assembly Instructions

Kit as described to suit Holden or Ford pattern wheels
(13"/14"/15" wheels)
 (inc GST) 
Kit as described to suit L/C 6 Stud Pattern $1290.00
 (inc GST) 
Weld flange then Galvanize Axles in lieu Std $170.00
Overlay Axles $130.00
Drop Axles 2-1/2 inch or 4 inch $165.00
Cranked Main Axle Beam (only available with overlay or drop axle option) $150.00
Galvanized Angle Iron Spring Mount Brackets in lieu Std Hangers $300.00
Axle Assembly (if required) $190.00
Weld brake flanges to axle only $100.00
All Brake Lines / Hoses and Fittings supplied but not fitted to axles as recommended
fittment is flexible hose from calipers to trailer frame.

Std Kit weight approx 100kg

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