D.I.Y 4.5 Tonne ELECTRIC Brake Tandem Kit

(customer assembles / packs bearings / welds flanges)

Kit Contains


2 ea - 2.5T 63mm Square Axles
(customer to specify length)
1 pr - 4.5T 60mm x 9 Leaf
Tandem Rocker Roller Spring Sets
(suits 16" wheels)
1 ea - Tandem Spring Fitting Kit
suit 63mm Sq Axles
(High Tensile U Bolts)
4 ea - Dexter USA L/Cruiser 6 stud
12" Electric Brake Hubdrums
(with Bearings)
2 pr - Dexter USA 12" Electric Brake Assemblies
(2 L/H / 2 R/H)
2 ea - Electric Brake Flange kits
suit 63mm Sq Axle
(c/w/ Nut/ Washer)
1 ea - 3.5T Electric Brake Coupling
1 ea - Cable Adjuster
1 ea - 10Mtr Roll 4mm Winching Cable
2 ea - 4mm Cable Clips
1 ea - Trailer Break-Away System

Kit as detailed to suit Landcrusier 6 stud pattern wheels $3250.00
 (inc GST) 
AL-KO 6.0T 3 $220.00
4.5T 70mm Coupling (in lieu of 3.5T 50mm coupling) $260.00
Overlay Axles $300.00
Drop Axles 4 inch $440.00
Complete Axle Assembly $290.00
Weld brake flanges to axles only $140.00
Chinese brakes in lieu USA SUBTRACT

Std kit is derated to 3.5T using the 50mm electric coupling.
  This is the rated maximum towing capacity of a std 50mm towball and 50mm 3.5T brake coupling.  
All other coupling options rate this kit to 4.5T

Kit weight approx 380kg

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