Axle Sizing

Axle length is measured from tip to tip of bare Axle

Axle Length is determined by 2 variables-

1. Frame width (chassis width to inside of wheels, not overall width. i.e. outside of mudguard to mudguard)

2. Wheel offset (measured from the inside back of rim which bolts to hub, to the outside back of tyre)

For wheels with standard offset (approx 120mm) such as HQ Holden & pre AU Ford, measure the frame width and add 17" (430mm) to determine correct axle length.

e.g. Frame width of 6' x 4' = 48" (1220mm) + 17" (430mm) = 65" Axle.

When Axles are sized in this way the inside face of std profile tyre will be approx +/- 50mm away from the frame.

Standard mudguards @ 9" wide will be suitable for tyres up to 195mm

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