All trailers over 750kg GVM require brakes on at least one axle.
All trailers over 2.0T to 4.5T require brakes on all axles and a breakaway system.

Hydraulic drum brakes run a 9" brake drum.
Mechanical drum brakes run a 9" brake drum.
Electric brakes run a 10" brake drum up to 1.4T per axle.
Electric brakes run a 12" brake drum on 2.0T axles.

Override brake systems Electric Brakes.
(Hydraulic or Mechanical)


Brake system is independent of tow vehicle . i.e. no controller required

Lower cost


Brake system requires trailer to be applying continual load to tow vehicle (i.e. pushing) when braking for brakes to operate

maximum load 2000kg gross
(trailer and load)

Electric Brakes


More efficient (larger) Brakes

Amount of braking can be manipulated though brake controller as required (i.e. heavier loads require more braking power to be applied)

Lower cost option for braking systems over 2000kg gross


Trailer cannot be used with vehicles not fitted with brake controller
(not always a disadvantage!)

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