Assembly Tips for D.I.Y. Kits - Electric Axle Assembly


These instructions assume some basic mechanical knowledge and the ability to weld to an acceptable standard. if in doubt please refer the job to qualified personnel.

1. Pack bearings with grease and fit large inner bearings to hubs and hubdrums.

2. Fit grease seals to rear of hubs and hubdrums.

3. Fit hubs to lazy axle. Fit small outer bearings and tighten down castle nut firmly. This ensures bearing cups are pressed firmly into hubs. Back off castle nut until hub is loose, then re-tension until free-play in hub is gone but bearings are under no pre-load (over tightening shortens bearing life)

4. Fit split pin and dust cap. Lazy axle is now assembled.

5. Bolt electric brake backing flanges to electric brake backing assemblies.

6. Slide electric brake assemblies onto braked axle. Note LH and RH orientation. Ensure hand brake lever is to top of axle.

7. Fit hubdrums to braked axle with same procedure as steps (3) and (4).

8. Slide electric brake backing assemblies completely into hubdrum assemblies now fitted onto axle. Mark axle from flange at a point approx. 6mm back. Withdraw brake backing assemblies to this point and use shoe adjustment cam nuts to square up backing assemblies inside hubs. This holds assemblies firm and square inside hubdrums for welding. If position is correct you should be able to set brake shoes lining up almost flush with back of brake drums.

9. Weld backing flange to axle (from outside all around), using mig or low hydrogen electrodes.

10. Back off cam adjustment nuts until hubdrums can be rotated with a slight drag on brake shoes. Electric braked axle is now assembled.

Final Assembly

1. Fit 3.5T electric brake coupling to drawbar.

2. Fit cable adjuster to handbrake lever on coupling and set for maximum adjustment.

3. Loop 4mm winching cable through handbrake lever on electric brake assemblies and fit cable clip.

4. Pull cable through cable adjuster and back to opposite handbrake lever checking that the cable doesn't foul on spring components etc. Weld half chain links to underside of drawbar and chassis if required for cable routing. Fit cable clip and tension with cable adjuster as required.

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